Wednesday, November 14, 2007

BROAD BEANS. Kebab House styleeee.

me, my dad, and my brother went on a jaunt the other day up the goldbourne road. and found ourselves a delicious kebab house. it's so impressive when you see tabbouleh that isn't just a mound of carbohydrate, but rather a parsely salad with flecks of grain, and tomatoes, with lots of wet flavour. and i nabbed some delicous broad beans that seemed more spanish: with mint and chillies. really good hearty filling stuff. the broad beans would be particularly easy to recreate as you can buy them frozen. i keep a bag in my freezer, for when i can't bring myself to leave the house but need a feed.


just heat some olive oil and fry 3 or 4 spring onions. throw in a few handfuls of the beans and let them defrost for 5 minutes or so. finely chop a handful of mint (i keep a few plants growing on my windowsil) and some garlic and a small chilli. add at the last and give it all a good mix around and hold on the heat for a further few minutes....

after the kebab fiasco, i made my way to kathy's for tea in maida vale... lemon drizzle cake, tattinger, chocolate brownies and cucumber sandwiches. just as delicious, but couldn't have been more different.

spotted in the deli today: lots of filling spanish alubias bean soup with paprika.

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