Friday, November 2, 2007

BREAD. a great grazing food.

i think i ate a whole loaf of bread yesterday... alice and i had been out to a hallo'een party and were feeling the effects of the jaegermiester and usual sisterly late night ramblings, so i decided to get up early and bake mum's soda bread. breakfast and indeed mornings are one of my top things ever. i love making tea for someone, helping them get their day started, the smell of melting butter, and my mum's marmalade. and ofcourse the indescribable comfort of the smell of baking bread. and bread, like hard cheese, is a boredom food; that is, when hungover, every time you pass through the kitchen, you hack off a piece, for your journey through the home. and before you know it you have eaten the whole bleeding seedy lot. SPOTTED IN THE DELI: felix and roco sharing espresso. zezi and stav frolicing over records.

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