Monday, October 29, 2007

WEST LONDON. It's growing on me.

I'm not usually a big fan of west london. but i started off my weekend with a trip to the lovely R Garcia and Sons on Portobello road. exactly what all food shops should be like. the food range is great, spanning from the average continental stuff like tinned pulses, to much more swanky Brindisa type foods - superior chorizo and line caught tuna. it feels fair and good and right and a visual treat. the packaging in these places is always multicoloured and hugely appealing. like christmas all year round. and with the hubbub of the market going on outside, it makes for a great saturday jaunt. added to this, you can step next door to their minimal cafe. the happiest staff i ever came across. the setting is minimal in a modern barcelona way, but the food, incredibly traditional. this makes for a really nice contrast. Churros - the deep fried stuff for dipping in that wonderful thick spanish hot chocolate. Simple tapas. morcilla de arroz- spanish black pudding wrapped with a grilled slither of red pepper sitting on a herbie rice. Lemon and polenta cake. i ate the most wonderful treat that i spied at the back of the counter: queso fresco con membrillo y almendras. that is, a moulded fresh cheese, drizzled with a cinnamon syrup, a smudge of quince jelly and three crunchy almonds. sitting at the coffee bar, with this, and a perfect coffee (a long machiatto) and a beautiful little boy, drowning in chocolate was a joy. the cold dense cheese, and hot refreshing coffee. a stollen ten minutes that only spurred me on to go clothes shopping and have a frivilous lady like afternoon. if west london was like this all the time, i'd move here. i usually just bump into boys from my past though!

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