Friday, October 26, 2007

BISCUITS. For a rainy day.

at the request of one of my most favourites, zezi, here are some more pumpkin ideas. she says it's her new favourite vegetable. i say get with the programme miss! i've been in bed with pumpkins for quite some time...
1. roasted with chillis to go with pasta and lots of olive oil.
2. poached in syrup. turkish.
3. roasted with garlic, and added to a risotto.
4. in a tart with goats cheese and mint. that's really super good.
5. in with some potato mash to give it sweetness.
6. pumpkin and parmesan soup. add a little paprika to the mix if you like.

so, today i've made my lovely orange and cinnamon short bread hearts. god it seems twee. but they are also delicious and the weather seems right for it: i was really dragging my heals to the bus this morning. they have indeed soothed the hateful drizzley bearness. one of my customers, kylie, said that they are like a danish biscuit called speculaas which has clove and cinnamon in it.
if you want the recipe, then you'll have to email me, because it's top secret and going in my new book, and i'm not sharing it with anyone willy nilly. in fact, that goes for all recipes.
Right-ho. i'm off to watch Ratatoiulle with my lovely biscuits and tea. cheerio.

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